Downhole Camera

ICON Environmental Services Downhole Camera

Downhole Camera Surveys and Specialized Plug and Abandonment Services for well evaluation, well rehabilitation, and proper abandonment.


  • Through-casing logging to locate permeable and impermeable zones

  • Perforation adjacent to impermeable zones

  • Squeeze cementing or pressure grouting to seal annulus within and behind well casing at impermeable zones – eliminates potential cross-communication between zones.


  • Sealed with inert gas to prevent fogging;
  • Slight fisheye lens for bottom and partial side view;
  • 45o mirror for better side view of well casing;
  • Real-time video viewing, with capacity for VCR recording for documentation;
  • Well integrity determination
  • Precursory to downhole fishing

fish-eye view of well and screen, and 45-degree
mirror for detailed well inspection

view of phase NAPL seeping into well screen