Direct Push Technology

ICON Environmental Services Direct Push Technology

Direct push methods are popular
because of:

  • The Speed and Efficiency of Data Generation

  • Elimination of Investigative Wastes

  • Lower Costs

ICON developed a subsurface characterization system considerably more advanced as compared to common Direct Push Methods, the basis of which include:

  • Patented "Missing Link" Direct Push Tools. Patented procedure that relies on "Push-Push" to set the sampling screen, as opposed to the common "Push and Retract" methods.

  • Direct Push Wells (DPWs). Results in installation of permanent wells installed using the "Push-Push" procedure.

  • Through-casing Geophysical Logging for lithology and water zone characterization.

  • The ability to use the tools with standard locally-available drilling rigs.

  • Reliable system for grouting push holes while retracting the sampling tools.

  • Experienced geologists rather than drilling contractors to ensure quality data.

Missing Link Discrete Samplers – For a Representative Grab Sample without potential "carrydown".
Unlike other push probe technology that rely on "push and retract" to set the tool and open the screen, the Missing Link suite of tools are pushed to the desired depth, and the screen is hammered out ahead of the assembly to allow sampling, thus insuring a good seal without leakage along the annular seal. Disturbed but highly representative soil samples can be acquired using a soil core barrel within the screen.

Patented Missing Link Samplers are "Screening" Tools Used to Acquire a "Point-in-time" Sample; once the sample is acquired, the tool is filled with grout and the hole is grouted as the tools are withdrawn:

  • Pushed over 2000 times with excellent results.

  • Can be utilized using conventional and specialized drilling (push or hydraulic hammer) equipment.

  • Discrete monitoring well and piezometer installations without generating costly borehole cuttings.
  • Use and experience has allowed several design modifications resulting in specialized tools for silty clay, flowing silts, and sand zones.

Direct-Push Wells (DPWs) for a Permanent Well Installed using Direct Push Methods

Direct-Push Well Technology, developed by ICON, and demonstrated at the US Naval Station Mayport, Florida. This technology uses conventional drilling equipment to push (up to 80 feet in depth) a permanent monitoring well with screen and the annular space properly grouted. The DPWs are useful for hydraulic head measurement, groundwater sampling, and aquifer testing. Lithology is characterized through sealed casing using geophysical logging. Soil cuttings and exposure to hazardous conditions are eliminated. Costs are dependent on site-specific geology, but average 50% to 80% lower than conventional methods. Water samples are as good or better than samples from conventionally-installed wells. P-6-2 direct push well diagram

The direct push rig and Failing F-2 rig offers versatility and a guarantee to get the sample regardless of subsurface conditions.